Standard First Aid


Includes skills covered in 1 Day Emergency course plus: First Aid for head and spinal injuries, upper and lower limb fractures, burns, diabetic emergencies, asthma, seizures, allergic reactions and more.


Bone and Joint Injuries: Splinting, advanced slings and bandaging of various long bone and limb fractures, sprains and strains.

Spinal Injuries: How to support and move the injured spinal patient.

Diabetes, Epilepsy and Asthma: Also includes advanced bandaging, for hand and joint injuries.

Mass Casualty Scene Management: Steps to managing more than one injured person at a scene.

Secondary Surveys: When EMS is delayed or you’re in a remote location and a more in-depth survey of the patient is required.

Chest and Abdomen Injuries: How to mange the patient with a sucking chest wound or fractured ribs. How to identify and treat internal bleeding.

Poisons Bites and Stings: From bee stings to spider or animal bites.

Environmental Injuries: Heat stroke, heat exhaustion, heat cramps, frost bite, hypothermia.

Lifts and Carries: Proper lifting and moving techniques.

Burns: How to manage the various burn injuries quickly.


*Standard First Aid “C” CPR/AED

Heart and Stroke 3 yr Certification

$120 per person , 1-Day recert course

$140 per person , Full 2-Day course